Moshe Gross and Vitali Varol, the founders of Muscat Jewelry, welcome you.
We met on a Caribbean island in the 2000s when we were both working in jewelry design and sales. There we found that we shared a common vision of our futures, we both wanted to return home, to Israel, and create a unique brand with a string of shops to bring joy to every corner of the country. It took a few years but after extensive travels and exposure to experts of stone and metals from around the world, the time finally came to use all this accumulated expertise towards our own creations that we create and manufactured exclusively for Muscat. Today we are back in Jerusalem and have seen the beginnings of that vision. Dreams do come true and we celebrate this miraculous reality everyday.
We first opened the doors of Muscat to the world in 2015 with our flagship store in the Machane Yehuda Market.

The name Muscat was inspired by the tastes and culture of the Market around us where every street is named after fruits and nuts. Muscat means Nutmeg in Hebrew and also happens to be the name of our favorite grape. Here at Muscat we approach our jewelry as a feast of the senses: just as spice and a good glass of wine are the best accompaniment to a good meal it is the same with the pieces that are not complete until they are worn and  are made to be mixed and matched.

Our shops embody our personal motto, “to hang around good, happy, people and always love what you do.” A home away from home, a place where you come back happily with friends in tow to enjoy the warm customer-focused experience we so pride ourselves on. 

We welcome each customer to this home away from home with warmth and pleasure, fresh cup of coffee or glass of wine in hand.


We hand select every gem in every piece and use our experience in high end jewelry design to create pieces that are ready for new experiences with you. We believe that each piece is worth its own moment, each person is as unique and beautiful as each stone, and that finding the right piece is a truly magical moment.

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